Fossilized imprints

Fossilized imprints left by sea urchins, found at Scurzan, Tambre. (Photo F. Padovan)

     Shown in display case 45 are some examples of fossilized imprints, including those left by Lithodoms (date mussels today) when making their hole in the rock. (Tesa river, Puos)
     Using these it has been possible to study the subsidence and the re-emergence from the sea in certain parts of the coast (e.g. Pozzuoli).
     Samples of fossil imprints made by wave movements on the beach (Ripple marks) or by the movement of sea worms (which enter the sediment just below the sandy sea bed) are also shown.
     The sea urchin which moved on the surface of the sand has left us another impression.