Topographic model

Detail from the topographic model of the Belluno province showing the Alpago bowl in the foreground. (Photo F. Padovan)

     The centre of the room is occupied by a large model showing the whole Province of Belluno and some neighbouring areas in order to give a panoramic view of the Venetian plain, part of the foothills and the Alpine chain including the Dolomites.
     Small flags show ore-bearing localities in the area of Belluno, largely unknown to the public as they are not in operation at the moment.
     In ancient times there were mines extracting gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, sulphur, gypsum, etc. from various seams.

     Above the show cases there are three panels showing cross-sections of local rock formations.
The fourth panel has a drawing of a “Sabka” or salt coast line and a tropical half-closed basin which shows how rocks are formed by evaporation (gypsum).
     The gypsum outcrops in various parts of the Belluno area show that these processes took place here in the past.