Mineral Exploitation

Dolomite crystals, collected in the Province of Belluno. (foto F. Padovan)

     Display case 39 has samples of minerals taken from mines and the metals obtained from them (e.g. Mercury was made from Cinnabar, Iron from Haematite, etc.) in addition to some products made from a particular metal (e.g. Copper from Chalcopyrite made into electric wire, etc.)
      The dangers associated with some are also shown, for example asbestos and lead.
     Since Roman times the latter has even been used for acqueducts. A famous victim of this use was Ludwig Van Beethoven.
The lower section of the display case demonstrates how flint (silica formed from the skeletons of radiolaria, plankton, amoeboid protozoa that, sinking to the sea bed, form silecious mud) has been used from prehistoric times, as arrow heads, etc. to the present day, as micro chips for computers, in detergents, toothpaste, etc.

     Alpago and the surrounding area has been hit by several large landslips at various times. Display case 40 shows the history of the Tessina landslip and the one at Vajont, through photographs, geological maps and rock samples related to those movements.

     Display case 41 contains some samples of minerals donated by collectors. Some were collected locally.