Trees of the Area

Cross-section of the trunk of a larch tree showing 99 annual growth rings. (Photo S. De Bona)

Vegetation Distribution by Altitude
     At the top of the panel the distribution of vegetation in relation to altitude is shown on a chart: from woods on the coast and valley floors to the highest Alpine horizons without vegetation.
     In the middle is the cross-section of a larch trunk, 70-80 centimetres in diameter on which the rings of yearly growth are easy to see.
     At the bottom there is a lengthwise section of a smaller larch trunk.

Trees of the Area
     The two display cases contain many photographs of herbaceous plants, trees and environments in order of altitude from valley bottom to the sub-alpine belt. Beginning with wetlands (Nymphaea alba and Scirpus lacustris) the display continues upwards with the most important plant associations of local woodlands (hop hornbeam, hornbeam, scots pine, beech, spruce, larch and dwarf mountain pine) as far as the alpine pastures.
     A key to the photographs adds explanations about the local plant distribution.