Spruce with typical pendulous cones. (Photo F. Padovan)

Species name SPRUCE
Scientific name
Picea abies Karst.

Micro/macroscopic and physical characteristics
Pale wood, undifferentiated duramen, clear annual rings, sometimes wavy, in which case it is resonant and used in making musical instruments. Resiniferous channels, fine fabric and straight fibre. Specific weight (U=12%) 0.42.

Use of wood
Easy to work both manually and by machine; holds nails, colour and glue well. Seasons quickly with low tendency to crack, little influenced by atmospheric humidity. Perishable and difficult to treat with preservatives, so better to use other species (like pine and larch) for doors and windows. Extensively used for interiors and furniture and, having little smell, for food cabinets. Used for making chipboard,hardboard and wood pulp.