Larch, the only deciduous conifer in Italy. In Autumn it becomes yellow. (Photo F. Padovan)

Species name LARCH
Scientific name
Larix decidua Mill.
Micro/macroscopic and physical characteristics
Reddish-brown coloured, this wood has well developed duramen, differentiated with yellowish sapwood, very clear annual growth rings and sharp change from Spring to late wood growth. Resiniferous channels plentiful giving a smell to the wood, specially when fresh. One of the heaviest conifers, with specific weight (U=12%) of 0.62.

Use of wood
Not difficult to saw unless resin encrusts the blade. Seasons slowly, tending to crack and twist, but, once seasoned, stable. Resistance to weather conditions, fungi and insects makes it suited to outdoor use, in foundations of buildings, electricity poles, shingles, outside doors and windows, panelling in barns and houses, containers for use in the chemical industry, staves for barrels. It used to be resinated.