Close-up of beech trunk: lighter coloured lichens visible on darker grey bark. (Photo F. Padovan)

Species name BEECH
Scientific name
Fagus sylvatica L.

Micro/macroscopic and physical characteristics
Wood and duramen undifferentiated, sometimes has a darker central part of irregular shape which usually disappears when seasoned. Vessels not visible to the naked eye, whereas rays clearly visible, forming lengthwise tangential sections with darker lense-shaped marks and in the longitudinal radials dark streaks. Fabric fine with straight fibre. Specific weight (U=12%) of 0.73.
Use of wood
Il legno di faggio si lavora facilmente e può portarsi a buEasy to work and can give a fine finish. Easily altered especially when in its natural state so treated by vaporization before use to remove amilaceous substances and make it more resistant to fungi and insects; this gives it a redder colour.The wood seasons well though it tends to split and bend. Used for furniture, chairs, rifle butts, etc. Easily turned and suited for plywood. If it has straight fibres it is used in craftwork. Also used in paper making, for chipboard and hardboard; good for burning and charcoal, even if the latter is no longer requested.