The Visit to the Museum

Map of Museo

     The first floor, occupying the whole ground floor, contains the Zoology of vertebrates section. What immediately strikes the visitor is the great number of animals exhibited. All the groups of fauna in the Belluno province - fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals - are represented and well preserved.
     On the first floor the zoology section is completed with the insects (spiders, butterflies, etc.) and molluscs (snails). Two rooms are dedicated to Geology and Mineralogy and show local features and fossils. There are also sections on Paleontology, Archaeology and Human Anatomy.

     The top floor houses the Botany section and some Diaoramas. A series of explanatory panels show Algae, Lichens, Mosses and Ferns, more advanced plants and plant associations.
     There are also a fungi collection, numbering almost 200 samples of Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes, and a wood specimen collection showing samples of trees and bushes to be found in the Belluno province.
A series of dioramas completes the collection with scenes of prehistoric hunters, large mammals, wetlands, alpine terrain and hibernation.